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2012 - AVA National Conference , Canberra

We are now only a few weeks away fron the 2012 AVA Annual Conference, to be held in Canberra.

In accordance with the Constitution and By-laws of the AUSTRALIAN VETERINARY DENTAL SOCIETY (AVDS) and the AUSTRALIAN VETERINARY ASSOCIATION (AVA) the AVDS will hold its Annual Meeting in Canberra (Torrens Room) on Thursday 24th  May 2012, commencing at 8am.

Documents required for the meeting (for all members) are here:

The AVDS is conducting two Wetlabs again this year. For more information on how to register please go to this page.

2010 PanPac Conference - A great success!

I am sure anyone who attended the 2010 PanPac Veterinary Conference would agree, it was a huge success. A great time was had by all, with much knowledge and expertise being shared amongst delegates.

Part of that success was the Dental stream of lectures and two Wet Labs conducted by the AVDS. We had great attendance to all lectures that we provided, with much positive feedback. All speakers enjoyed their time at the conference, and being able to divulge some of their dental insights with eager comference attendees. It was great to catch up with old friends and meet new ones.

The highlight of the conference were the two Wet Labs we held with the valued support of iM3 and Provet. We knew the labs were going to go well when space for attendees dried up within the first 2 weeks of places going on offer. I would like to extend a big thank you to the Brisbane Convention Centre also, for allowing us to conduct the Labs on site, and for their efficient organisation of the rooms we used.

Changes occured in the executive this year at the annual meeting. Some continued their previous roles, whilst others have moved into new positions:

  • Dr Aaron Forsayeth - President; Newsletter Editor/Website Manager
  • Dr Tony Caiafa - Past-president
  • Dr Rod Salter - Honorary Treasurer/Secretary; co- State Rep Victoria/Tasmania
  • Dr Christine Hawke - Pet Dental Health Month Convenor; New South Wales State Rep
  • Dr Wayne Fitzgerald - Victoria/Tasmania co- State Rep; Policy Councillor
  • Dr Lian Yeap - Western Australia State Rep
  • Dr Warren Foreman - South Australia State Rep
  • Dr Gary Wilson - Queensland (South) State Rep
  • Dr Andrew Easton - Queensland (North) State Rep

The 2010 Annual Meeting minutes will be available soon in the members section.

Thank you to all members who helped make the 2010 PanPac Conference a huge success - let's take this further in Adelaide in 2011!



Over the weekend it has come to the attention of the AVDS that there are in Australia some Chinese made Dental X-ray machines that are not passing state Radiation health and Safety guidelines.

A concerned member wrote to the AVDS expressing their concern over a recent acquisition of a Chinese made Dental X-ray machine. Whilst having the machine undergo its registration process, it was found to be non-compliant with many regulations, making the machine unsafe for use.

As access to markets across the world becomes easier, it is important to remember that guidelines and specifications that are applicable to one area, may not be here in Australia. It is always your responsibility to follow the correct guidelines when it comes to Workplace Health and Safety issues. This particular machine is an important example of a potentially dangerous apparatus not being suitable for use here in Australia.

For the full EPA report please continue here.

Annual Meeting

As is normally the case the AVDS will be holding its Annual Meeting at the Conference centre. This year we will be conducting the meeting on Tuesday 25th May at Lunch interval (room to be announced).

All committee positions are up for nominations except President this year. We are inviting nominations from all of the membership to fill these positions and take part in the behind the scenes workings of your SIG.

Positions available for nominaiton:

  • Honorary Secretary-Treasurer
  • Newsletter/Website Editor
  • Pet Dental Health Month Coordinator
  • General Committee member

Please participate in the meeting, hopefully through your attendance, or alternatively if you are unable to attend personally by completing an Nominaton form and a Proxy form.

Annual Reports

Reports are coming in from various committee members and elected officials on their activities over the last year since our last Annual Meeting.

  • President's report is here.
  • Treasurer's report here.
  • Newsletter/Website Editor's report here.

If you don't have a PDF Reader then please go here. Adobe Reader

2010 Pan Pacific Veterinary Conference is nearly here.

Wet Lab 2006The combined conferences of the AVA and the NZVA are being combined this year to create the 2010 Pan Pacific Veterinary Conference. This event promises to be huge with the AVDS again running a basic wetlab, and also an advanced wetlab at the conference.

I must say personally, and I am sure the other committee members share similar thoughts, I am looking forward to this conference. We had a break last year in Darwin and didn't conduct a wetlab. However due to the overwhelming demand (and the vast amount of fun we have at them) we have brought the wetlab back for 2010 a the PanPac Conference.

New Dental Charts!

The Dental Charts that we have always had available have had a revamp. Apart from a slightly different look, there are now charts available for our smaller dental patients - Rabbits and Guinea Pigs. To download these files please go here.

Do horses really need Veterinary Dental care?

An interesting article from Dr Wayne Fitzgerald has passed over my virtual desk. I know of plenty of horses that have received a lot of help from experienced Veterinary Dental work, "Red" is a good example of one of them.

“I believed he was helping him for the 4 years that he treated him, but little did I know!” ......

Read more here.


Not sure whether a tooth is in the correct position or not? Will this odd tooth cause a problem? What can be done about it?

Dr Tony Caiafa has written a brief introduction to Orthodontics that will answer some of your Orthodontic questions, and provide you with some basic knowledge about Orthodontic cases you see.

Full Article here.

Equine Frequently Asked Questions.

Of late we have been inundated by questions from Veterinarians and horse lovers everywhere about all things dental. We have put together a list of the most common questions and their answers.

You can find the Equine FAQs here.

Open UP - A Practical guide to improving Pet Oral Health

Recently the AVDS in conjunction with Hill's Pet Nutrition and iM3 have put together a DVD demonstrating various Small Animal Dental techniques.

Here is a quick snippet from the DVD:

The DVD will be made available to all current AVDS members and also will be distributed by Hill's Pet Nutrition and iM3.

AVA Pet Dental Health Month

As you know, August is Pet Dental Health Month and this year there’s a focus on equine dentistry, reminding people to organise a ‘check-up’ for their horse.

Brush up on dental care

The Australian Veterinary Dental Society (AVDS) has prepared a series of messages to remind people of the importance of dental check-ups for their pets for Pet Dental Health Month.

In particular, they are keen to remind owners about the need to look after their horse’s oral health.

AVDS are recommending horses receive a dental check-up every year as an essential part of their regular annual physical examination, with the message that identifying problems early will decrease the chance of oral disease leading to serious health complications.

More generally, they want to remind people that good oral care is important to maintain the best possible health and quality of life for all pets and are promoting the three ‘D’s’ for pet oral health. These are:

  • Dental check up for your pet
  • Daily tooth brushing
  • Dental friendly diet.

AVDS, Hills Pet Nutrition and iM3have recently released an educational resource called ‘Open up - a practical guide to improving pet oral health’. AVDS members will receive a free copy of the DVD. Non-members can request a copy from Hills or iM3 sales representatives.

AVA pet Dental Health month is a nationwide effort to promote the importance of dental care and an essential part of good health for pet.

Copies of the media releases for Pet Dental Health Month can be found on the AVA website.

Seminars on equine dentistry are also being organised during August.  Contact Shannon Lee for more details.

  • Melbourne - 16 August
  • Ballarat - 19 August
  • Perth - 27 August
  • Adelaide - 29 August

Dates are still being confirmed for Townsville, Sydney, Darwin and Hobart Seminars.

Vital Pulpotomy

A vital pulpotomy is a procedure that is not often enough used in Veterinary Dentistry. It is one of the few procedures that we as Veterinary Dentists may have to perform in an emergency fashion. The procedure is used commonly when an acute fractured tooth is presented to us with the pulp exposed.

To learn more about Vital Pulpotomys plsease continue here.


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