Melbourne, Victoria
14th May 2007
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Members present:
Wayne Fitzgerald
Rod Salter
Tony Caiafa
Gary Wilson
Aaron Forsayeth
Ray Barbero
Christine Hawke
Lian Yeap
Wayne Stewart
Mark Kelman

Trudy Humphries

  1. Welcome – The chairman Wayne Fitzgerald (President) declared the meeting open at 11.10 am
  1. Minutes of previous AGM confirmed/accepted – as circulated and published in web site. Moved G.Wilson, Seconded A.Caiafa. Accepted.
  1. Committee Reports:         
  • President’s report was published in latest newsletter.
  • Secretary’s report was tabled.
  • Treasurer’s report: Cash at hand currently stands at $21,000 as at 31st March 2007.  Members as at 18th March 2007: 118 and has increased.  We have recently purchased 10 sets of basic surgical instruments and the suggestion was to add to this later (dental elevators, curettes etc).  We also purchased 2 air regulators (same type as iM3 use) so we have consistency in equipment and air required for wet labs.
  • PDHM: Hill’s brought out the periodontist last year and attendances were good, but they didn’t seek our input and the lectures left a lot to be desired.  It appeared that the AVDS was not involved!   We need to be careful that PDHM is not taken from us. 
  • Newsletter/web site editor: still working on the current newsletter which contains the President’s report.  We need to supply Aaron with more material …maybe a feline dental poster (also a member benefit).
  • Reports accepted – moved G. Wilson, seconded, A. Forsayeth accepted.
  1. General Business
  • Procedures and protocols document has been produced to give direction to committee members.
  • Dental Guidelines document has been developed by Wayne, Rod & Tony and it has been circulated and presented to the PAC meeting (AVA) on Saturday the 12th.  Designed to provide a minimum standards document for practices to follow when performing a ‘prophylaxis’.  It is our intention to have it available on the web site and it will be sent to all Boards too.  It is a stand alone, proactive document.
  • Future guidelines will be developed (in time): Equine by G.Wilson (some work has already been done), ‘pocket pets’, perio treatments, extractions etc. An extractions guideline is the next priority.
  • Rod noted the latest Vic Vet Board newsletter re an article about rabbit dentistry… the AVDS was not consulted!  We will reply to the Board on this matter.
  • Member benefits.  There are discounts for our meetings, wet labs etc.; but there is still the question: “Why should I join?”  We need to keep the web site fresh and have new articles etc monthly; we need to assist Aaron in this matter.  We are also investigating the making of a dental video on extractions or a prophy …to be available to members only.   Such a video made professionally is too expensive for us, we will investigate alternatives, including contacting the PGF.
  • PDHM.  The AVA is happy to help with advice, promotion, advertising etc but we have to run it ourselves.  Hills & Pfizer are still our sponsors, but we should formalize these relationships (via the AVA).   We will approach the AVA re ownership of the name & these sponsorship agreements.    Rod suggested that we use the Guidelines as a basis of this year’s PDHM. The ASAVA link does not seem to be working. 
  • Wet labs and workshops.  Are we undercharging?  Our fees seem cheap considering the input and sponsorship from iM3 and our own members.  WEF will try to cost this year’s wet labs to give us a basis for future fees.  We may ask for other sponsors for future wet labs.
  • Diploma in Vet dentistry (Level 5) for vet nurses (already certif. 4) can only be obtained if working with a dental specialist!  This is too restrictive and does not apply to some other Level 5 applicants.   The AVDS will attempt to have it changed to ‘member’ or ‘fellow’ of the ACVSc or their equivalents. We will liaise with VNCA.
  • WEF has raised the issue of having the NZ vets becoming associate members of the AVDS but this is not possible at this time.  We note that Russell Tucker, NZ, has just become a Diplomate of the American Veterinary Dental College; we will send him a congratulatory message ASAP.
  • Subscriptions: no change in the $66.00 for members and $11.00 for student membership.
  • AVDS Website requires updating and A.Forsayeth remains our host and it will include the e-newsletter.  We will keep both and websites with the latter linked to the former.
  • Conference
    • Small amount of days for lectures has been successful
    • We need to organise a series of advanced lectures as well as basic and intermediate lectures.
    • Decided to have the ability to run an Advanced stream in the Wet Lab.
    • Conference organiser for Perth 2008 – L.Yeap nominated by G.Wilson, seconded R.Salter; accepted.
  • G.Wilson suggested we contact the Equine dentistry ACVSc applicants re becoming AVDS members
  1. Correspondence: none received, other than e-mails such as from JVD & AVA for reports.
  1. Election of Committee
    • President remains as Wayne Fitzgerald (2nd of 2 year term)
    • Policy Councillor remains as W.Fitzgerald (3 year term min.)
    • President-elect                     A.Caiafa
    • Treasurer/Secretary             Christine Hawke

-    Newsletter/Web site editor: A.Forsayeth, (supported by W.Stewart).

    • PDHM Organiser                             R.Salter
    • 2008 Conference Organiser          Lian Yeap
    • State Reps   
      • WA –              Lian Yeap
      • FNQ/NT –      Andrew Easton
      • QLD –             Ray Barbero
      • SA –               Warren Foreman
      • NSW –           Christine Hawke
      • VIC –              Stephen Coles
      • ACT –             Michael Eland

ACVSc Meeting:     Status quo remains 

Meetings closed at 12.20pm


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